- Provider - Greater Lynn Senior Services, Inc.

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8 Silsbee Street
Lynn, MA 01901

Mailing Address

8 Silsbee Street
Lynn, MA 01901

Contact Information:

Phone: (781) 599-0110
Fax: (781) 592-7540
Website: http://www.glss.net/
Email: info@glss.net


Greater Lynn Senior Services has been supporting seniors, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers in Massachusetts for since the early 1970s. Greater Lynn Senior Services is an Aging Services Access Point (ASAP) and Area Agency on Aging (AAA), a regional, non-profit organization that has extensive knowledge of the services and supports available in the communities we serve. We are a part of a larger state wide network of ASAPs and AAAs. Greater Lynn Senior Services helps individuals to remain independent in their home or a place they choose to live for as long as possible. Our staff is culturally and linguistically diverse to match the needs of our community. Greater Lynn Senior Services can help arrange and coordinate an array of programs and services that include, but are not limited to, functional assessments, care planning, in-home services, nutritional services, health and wellness programs, long-term care options, day care programs, education, supportive living, advocacy and crisis intervention. Eligibility varies by program. Contact the Information and Referral department for further information.

Service Categories

Abuse and Protection Services - Referral, Adaptive Equipment, ADH Initial Determination, Adult Day Health - Basic, Adult Day Health - Basic - 15 Minutes, Adult Day Health - Complex, Adult Day Health - Complex - 15 Minutes, Adult Day Health - Health Promotion - 15 Minutes, Adult Day Health - Health Promotion & Prevention, Adult Day Health MFCSP, Adult Foster Care - Level I, Adult Foster Care - Level I Alternative Placement, Adult Foster Care - Level I MLOA, Adult Foster Care - Level I NMLOA, Adult Foster Care - Level II, Adult Foster Care - Level II Alternative Placement, Adult Foster Care - Level II MLOA, Adult Foster Care - Level II NMLOA, AFC Initial Determination, AFC Intake and Assessment, Afterschool/Daycare MFCSP, Agencies & Organizations - Referral, Alzheimer's/Dementia Coaching, Alzheimer's/Dementia Coaching MFCSP, ANCHOR Only, ANCHOR Supplement, Assisted Living MFCSP, Bill Payer, CAE/Screening - Referral, Campership MFCSP, Care Coordination (Monthly), Care Coordination (Monthly) - Tier 1, Care Coordination (Monthly) - Tier 2, Care Coordination (Monthly) - Tier 3, Care Transitions, Caregiver Access Assistance MFCSP, Caregiver Counseling MFCSP, Caregiver Services, Caregiver Services, Caregiver Services, Caregiver Services - Referral, Caregiver Support Group MFCSP, Caregiver Training & Education - Powerful Tools, Caregiver Training/Education Powerful Tools MFCSP, Caregiver Training/Education Savvy Caregiver MFCSP, Caring Homes Initial Determination, Caring Homes Re-Determination, Case Management, CCA Assessment with CCA, CCA Communication, CCA Follow up Assessment, CCA Full Assessment, CCA Meeting, Chore MFCSP, Communication Aid ADSSP-B, Companion, Companion MFCSP, Completion of MH Application for Redeterm. (SCO), Congregate Meal Breakfast Basic Hot Weekday, Congregate Meal Lunch Basic Hot, Counseling, Counseling Tier 2, Counseling/Professional Therapy MFCSP, CSSM - Referral, Dementia - Referral, Discharge - 01 - Nursing Facility, Discharge - 02 - Intermediate Care Facility / MR, Discharge - 03 - IMDs (age-limited), Discharge - 04 - Chronic Hospital, Discharge - 04 - Other, Discharge - 04 - Public Health Hospital, Discharge - 04 - Rehabilitation Hospital, ECOP - NW Initial Determination, ECOP - NW Re-Determination, Education -Arthritis Self-Management Program, Education -Cancer: Thriving and Surviving, Education -Chronic Disease Self Management Program, Education -Chronic Pain Self-Management Program, Education -Diabetes Self Management Program, Education -Healthy Eating, Education -Matter of Balance, Education -Spanish Chronic Disease Self-Mgmt Prgm, Education -Spanish Diabetes Self-Mgmt Program, Education -Strong for Life, Education -Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance, Emergency Assistance, Emergency PS Services (Protective), Enhanced PERS - Discount, Environmental Accessibility Adaptations, Environmental Adaptations/Home Modifications MFCSP, Evaluation (PCA), Financial Assistance, Financial Management Assistance, Food & Nutrition Services - Referral, Frequent Elderly Health Issues - Referral, GAFC (Per Diem), GAFC Initial Determination, Goods & Services, Grocery Shopping & Delivery MFCSP, Group Outreach, Group Outreach MFCSP, HDM Meal Advanced Cultural/Therapeutic Regular, HDM Meal Breakfast Weekday Cold, HDM Meal Breakfast Weekday Frozen, HDM Meal Cold/Frozen Cultural Weekday Kosher, HDM Meal Emergency Meal, HDM Meal Holiday Cold, HDM Meal Holiday Frozen, HDM Meal Holiday Hot, HDM Meal Hot Cultural Weekday Kosher, HDM Meal Hot Cultural Weekday Latino, HDM Meal Hot Cultural Weekday Russian, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Cold, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Cold/Frozen Therapeutic, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Frozen, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Hot, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Hot Therapeutic, HDM Meal Supper Weekday Cold, HDM Meal Supplement - Regular, HDM Meal Weekend Cold, HDM Meal Weekend Frozen, HDM Meal Weekend Hot, HDM Meal Weekend or Holiday Cold, HDM Meal Weekend or Holiday Frozen, HDM Meal Weekend or Holiday Hot, HDM Meal Weekend or Holiday Kosher, Health Education, Health Screening, Home Care Services - Referral, Home Delivered Meals - Referral, Home Health Aide MFCSP, Home Visit Fee Only (SCO), Homemaker, Homemaker - 42+, Homemaker - 42+ Nights, Homemaker - 42+ Nights/Weekends, Homemaker - 42+ Weekends, Homemaker - Alt Rate 1, Homemaker - Alt Rate 2, Homemaker - Cluster, Homemaker - Cluster Private Pay, Homemaker - Common Areas, Homemaker - Complex, Homemaker - Discount, Homemaker - Discount 2, Homemaker - Discount 3, Homemaker - Nights, Homemaker - Nights and Weekends, Homemaker - Premium, Homemaker - Private Pay, Homemaker - Supportive Housing, Homemaker - Supportive Housing Private Pay, Homemaker - Weekends, Homemaker MFCSP, Information, Information - Referral, Information and Education, Information and Programs, Information and Resources, Initial Assessment, Intake and Assessment (AFC), Intake and Orientation, Intake and Orientation (Consumer Directed Svcs), Intake and Orientation (PCA), Intensive Care Management, Issues, Laundry MFCSP, Legal Services (Protective), Level 1 Visit (SCO), Medical Supplies MFCSP, Medication Reconciliation, MFP - In-Patient (less than 30 days), MFP - Re-Institutionalization (30 days or more), Multimedia Outreach, NF AIH Initial Determination, NF Community Initial Determination, NF Continuation of Stay Determination, NF Conversion Initial Determination, NF Non-AIH Initial Determination, NF Retrospective Inital Determination, NF Short Term Review Determination, NF Transfer (NF to NF) Determination, Nursing Home MFCSP, Nutrition Counseling, Nutrition Counseling (SCO) Initial Assessment, Nutrition Counseling (SCO) Reassessment, Nutrition Education, Nutritional Assessment (Hourly), Occupational Therapy (AFC), Options Counseling - Email, Options Counseling - Face to Face, Options Counseling - Professional Consult - CSSM, Options Counseling - Telephone, Other Respite Services MFCSP, Other Supplemental Services MFCSP, Other Supportive Services, Outreach, PACE Initial Determination, PERS - Cellular (Install), PERS - Cellular (Monthly), PERS - Cellular 2 (Install), PERS - Cellular 2 (Monthly), PERS - Cellular with Fall Detection (Install), PERS - Cellular with Fall Detection (Monthly), PERS - with Fall Detection (Install), PERS - with Fall Detection (Monthly), PERS Prior Authorization, Personal Care, Personal Care - Discount, Personal Care - 42+, Personal Care - 42+ Nights, Personal Care - 42+ Nights/Weekends, Personal Care - 42+ Weekends, Personal Care - Alt Rate 1, Personal Care - Alt Rate 2, Personal Care - Cluster, Personal Care - Cluster Private Pay, Personal Care - Complex, Personal Care - Discount 2, Personal Care - Discount 3, Personal Care - Nights, Personal Care - Nights and Weekends, Personal Care - Premium, Personal Care - Private Pay, Personal Care - Supportive Housing, Personal Care - Supportive Housing Private Pay, Personal Care - Weekends, Personal Care MFCSP, Personal Emergency Response Sys (Monthly), Physicians & Specialists - Referral, Print Media Outreach, Print Media Outreach MFCSP, Professional Services - Referral, Programs and Agencies, Reevaluation (Behavioral Health), Re-evaluation (PCA), Rep Payee, Resources, Respite - In Home, Respite Service Scholarships/Subsidies, Respite Services - Referral, Scholarship for Respite Services MFCSP, Scholarship for Supplemental Services MFCSP, Screening/ADH Conversion, Screening/AFC Conversion, Screening/CSSM, Screening/GAFC Conversion, Screening/Home Health Initial, Screening/Home Health Reassessment, Senior Care Options (SCOs) - Referral, Short Term Care Advisement, Skills Training, Skills Training (Consumer Directed Svcs), Skills Training (PCA), Social Day Health MFCSP, Social Media Outreach MFCSP, Specialized Housing - Referral, Supplemental Service Scholarships/Subsidies, Support Groups, Supportive Home Care Aide MFCSP, Supportive Services, Technology Counseling/Support/TA ADSSP-B, Transitional Assistance, Translation/Interpreting (Hourly), Transportation (Medical Ambulances) - Referral, Transportation Chair Car MFCSP, Transportation Chair Car Ra, Transportation Chair Car Rate 1 (1 way), Transportation Chair Car Rate 2 (1 way), Transportation Chair Car Rate 3 (1 way), Transportation Chair Car Rate 4 (1 way)

Geographic Areas Served

  • Cities Lynn, Lynnfield, Nahant, Saugus, Swampscott

Organization Contacts

Carol Mills
Phone: (781) 599-0110

Telephone Numbers

  • Fax: (781) 592-7540
  • Business: (800) 594-5164
  • Main: (781) 599-0110

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Languages Spoken

  • Other

Accessibility Features

  • Handicap Accessible

Organization Products and Services
This organzation has not listed any products or services.

Last Update Date: 03/17/2020

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