- Provider - Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc.

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66 Industry Avenue
Suite 9
Springfield, MA 01104

Mailing Address

66 Industry Avenue
Suite 9
Springfield, MA 01104

Contact Information:

Phone: (413) 781-8800
Fax: (413) 781-0632
Website: http://www.gsssi.org/
Email: information@gsssi.org


Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc., (GSSSI) founded in 1972, is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining a quality of life for older adults, caregivers and persons with disabilities. This mission is achieved through the provision of programs and services which foster independence, dignity, safety and peace of mind. As an Area Agency on Aging and Aging Services Access Point, GSSSI offers a variety of services for elders, their families, and persons with disabilities, so that they can remain in their homes and avoid institutionalization.

GSSSI is also part of the Pioneer Valley Aging & Disability Resource Consortium. (ADRC) that enhances collaborations between elder and disability service providers, ensuring there’s no wrong door when an elder or person with a disability contacts one of its member agencies for assistance and services. The ADRC is designed to assist individuals in need of long-term services and supports in making informed choices.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Language Line for other languages

Service Categories

ADH Initial Determination, Adult Day Health - Basic, Adult Day Health - Basic - 1/2 Day, Adult Day Health - Basic - 15 Minutes, Adult Day Health - Complex, Adult Day Health - Complex - 15 Minutes, Adult Day Health - Health Promotion - 15 Minutes, Adult Day Health - Health Promotion & Prevention, Adult Day Health ADSSP-B, Adult Day Health MFCSP, Adult Foster Care - Level I, Adult Foster Care - Level I Alternative Placement, Adult Foster Care - Level I MLOA, Adult Foster Care - Level I NMLOA, Adult Foster Care - Level II, Adult Foster Care - Level II Alternative Placement, Adult Foster Care - Level II MLOA, Adult Foster Care - Level II NMLOA, AFC Initial Determination, AFC Intake and Assessment, Afterschool/Daycare MFCSP, Alzheimer's/Dementia Coaching MFCSP, ANCHOR Only, ANCHOR Supplement, Assisted Living MFCSP, Campership MFCSP, Care Coordination (Monthly), Care Coordination (Monthly) - Tier 1, Care Coordination (Monthly) - Tier 2, Care Coordination (Monthly) - Tier 3, Care Transitions, Care Transitions, Caregiver Access Assistance MFCSP, Caregiver Counseling MFCSP, Caregiver Services, Caregiver Services, Caregiver Support Group MFCSP, Caregiver Training & Education - Powerful Tools, Caregiver Training/Education Powerful Tools MFCSP, Caregiver Training/Education Savvy Caregiver MFCSP, Caring Homes Initial Determination, Caring Homes Re-Determination, Case Management, CCA Meeting, CCTP Adaptive Equipment, CCTP Chore - Heavy, CCTP Family/Informal Support Communication, CCTP High Risk Tool, CCTP Home Visit, CCTP Home Visit - More Than 3 Days from Discharge, CCTP Home Visit - Within 3 Day of Discharge, CCTP Homemaker, CCTP Palliative Care, CCTP Review of Discharge Checklist, CCTP Travel to/from Face to Face, Chore MFCSP, Coleman Coaching, Communication Aid ADSSP-B, Companion, Companion - 42+, Companion - 42+ Nights, Companion - 42+ Nights/Weekends, Companion - 42+ Weekends, Companion - Alt Rate 1, Companion - Alt Rate 2, Companion - Cluster, Companion - Discount, Companion - Discount 2, Companion - Discount 3, Companion - Premium, Companion - Supportive Housing, Companion ADSSP-B, Companion MFCSP, Completion of MH Application for Redeterm. (SCO), Congregate Meal Breakfast Basic Hot Weekday, Congregate Meal Lunch Basic Hot, Congregate Meal Lunch Cultural Kosher, Congregate Meal Lunch Cultural Latino, Counseling/Professional Therapy MFCSP, Diagnosis Red Flags, Discharge - 01 - Nursing Facility, Discharge - 02 - Intermediate Care Facility / MR, Discharge - 03 - IMDs (age-limited), Discharge - 04 - Chronic Hospital, Discharge - 04 - Other, Discharge - 04 - Public Health Hospital, Discharge - 04 - Rehabilitation Hospital, ECOP - NW Initial Determination, ECOP - NW Re-Determination, Education -Chronic Disease Self Management Program, Education -Healthy Eating, Education -Matter of Balance, Electronic Medication System ADSSP-B, Electronic Sensory Device ADSSP-B, Email Contact, Environmental Adaptations/Home Modifications MFCSP, Evaluation, Evaluation (PCA), Face to Face Contact, Financial Assistance, Fitness, GAFC (Per Diem), GAFC Initial Determination, Goods & Services, GPS/Tracking Devices ADSSP-B, Grocery Shopping & Delivery MFCSP, Group Outreach, Group Outreach MFCSP, HDM Meal Emergency Meal, HDM Meal Emergency Meal - Non-RDA, HDM Meal Hot Cultural Weekday Kosher, HDM Meal Hot Cultural Weekday Latino, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Cold/Frozen Therapeutic, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Frozen, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Hot, HDM Meal Lunch Weekday Hot Therapeutic, HDM Meal Supper Weekday Cold, HDM Meal Supper Weekday Cold/Frozen Therapeutic, HDM Meal Supper Weekday Frozen, HDM Meal Weekend or Holiday Cold/Frozen Therapeut, HDM Meal Weekend or Holiday Frozen, Home Health Aide ADSSP-B, Home Health Aide MFCSP, Home Visit, Home Visit Fee Only (SCO), Homemaker, Homemaker - 42+, Homemaker - 42+ Nights, Homemaker - 42+ Nights/Weekends, Homemaker - 42+ Weekends, Homemaker - Alt Rate 1, Homemaker - Alt Rate 2, Homemaker - Cluster, Homemaker - Cluster Private Pay, Homemaker - Common Areas, Homemaker - Complex, Homemaker - Discount, Homemaker - Discount 2, Homemaker - Discount 3, Homemaker - Nights, Homemaker - Nights and Weekends, Homemaker - Premium, Homemaker - Private Pay, Homemaker - Supportive Housing, Homemaker - Supportive Housing Private Pay, Homemaker - Weekends, Homemaker MFCSP, Hospital Admission, Hospital Discharge (CCTP), Information, Information and Resources, Initial Assessment, Intake and Assessment (AFC), Intake and Orientation, Intake and Orientation (Consumer Directed Svcs), Intake and Orientation (PCA), Intensive Care Management, Interpreting, Laundry MFCSP, Level 1 Visit (SCO), Medical Supplies MFCSP, Medication Reconciliation, MFP - In-Patient (less than 30 days), MFP - Re-Institutionalization (30 days or more), MNT - Individual - Initial Assessment/Intervention, MNT - Individual - Reassessment/Intervention, MNT - Two or More Individuals (Group), Multimedia Outreach, NF AIH Initial Determination, NF Community Initial Determination, NF Continuation of Stay Determination, NF Conversion Initial Determination, NF Non-AIH Initial Determination, NF Retrospective Inital Determination, NF Short Term Review Determination, NF Transfer (NF to NF) Determination, Nursing Home MFCSP, Nutrition Counseling, Nutrition Education, Occupational Therapy (AFC), One Time Basic Necessities, Options Counseling - Email, Options Counseling - Face to Face, Options Counseling - Professional Consult - CSSM, Options Counseling - Telephone, Other Respite Services MFCSP, Other Supplemental Services MFCSP, Other Supportive Services, Outreach, PACE Initial Determination, PERS Prior Authorization, Person Centered Companion ADSSP-B, Personal Care, Personal Care - Discount, Personal Care - 42+, Personal Care - 42+ Nights, Personal Care - 42+ Nights/Weekends, Personal Care - 42+ Weekends, Personal Care - Alt Rate 1, Personal Care - Alt Rate 2, Personal Care - Cluster, Personal Care - Cluster Private Pay, Personal Care - Complex, Personal Care - Discount 2, Personal Care - Discount 3, Personal Care - Nights, Personal Care - Nights and Weekends, Personal Care - Premium, Personal Care - Private Pay, Personal Care - Supportive Housing, Personal Care - Supportive Housing Private Pay, Personal Care - Weekends, Personal Care ADSSP-B, Personal Care MFCSP, Personal Emergency Response Sys (Monthly), Personal Health Record, Planning - Referral, Portable Music Player/Music Gift Cards ADSSP-B, Primary Care Physician Appointment, Print Media Outreach, Print Media Outreach MFCSP, Professional Services, Rapid Response, Rapid Response Enhanced, Re-evaluation, Re-evaluation (PCA), Resources, Respite Services, Scholarship for Respite Services MFCSP, Scholarship for Supplemental Services MFCSP, Screening/ADH Conversion, Screening/AFC Conversion, Screening/CSSM, Screening/GAFC Conversion, Screening/Home Health Initial, Screening/Home Health Reassessment, Short Term Care Advisement, Skills Training, Skills Training - Annual Comprehensive (PCA), Skills Training - Issue Focus in Person (PCA), Skills Training - Issue Focus Telephonic (PCA), Skills Training - Quarterly Comprehensive (PCA), Skills Training - Surrogate (PCA), Skills Training (Consumer Directed Svcs), Skills Training (PCA), Social Day Health ADSSP-B, Social Day Health MFCSP, Social Media Outreach MFCSP, Supplemental Service Scholarships/Subsidies, Supporti, Supportive Home Care Aide, Supportive Home Care Aide - 42+, Supportive Home Care Aide - 42+ Nights, Supportive Home Care Aide - 42+ Nights/Weekends, Supportive Home Care Aide - 42+ Weekends, Supportive Home Care Aide - ADRD 42+, Supportive Home Care Aide - ADRD 42+ Nights, Supportive Home Care Aide - ADRD 42+ Nights/Wknds, Supportive Home Care Aide - ADRD 42+ Weekends, Supportive Home Care Aide - ADRD Nights, Supportive Home Care Aide - ADRD Nights/Weekends, Supportive Home Care Aide - ADRD Weekends, Supportive Home Care Aide - Alt Rate 1, Supportive Home Care Aide - Alt Rate 2, Supportive Home Care Aide - BH, Supportive Home Care Aide - BH 42+, Supportive Home Care Aide - BH 42+ Nights, Supportive Home Care Aide - BH 42+ Nights/Wknds, Supportive Home Care Aide - BH 42+ Weekends, Supportive Home Care Aide - BH Nights, Transportation

Geographic Areas Served

  • Cities Agawam, Bondsville, Brimfield, East Longmeadow, Feeding Hills, Hampden, Holland, Indian Orchard, Longmeadow, Monson, Palmer, Springfield, Thorndike, Three Rivers, Wales, West Springfield, Wilbraham

Organization Contacts

Jill Keough
Phone: (413) 781-8800
Email: jill.keough@gsssi.org

Karyn McKenzie
Phone: (413) 781-8800 x151
Email: Karyn.mckenzie@gsssi.org

Mary L. Jenewin-Caplin
Phone: (413) 781-8800 x162
Email: mjc@gsssi.org

Telephone Numbers

  • Fax: (413) 781-0632
  • Main: (413) 781-8800
  • Business: (800) 649-3641

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Organization Products and Services
This organzation has not listed any products or services.

Last Update Date: 02/14/2020

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